Correcting Several Common Cosmetic Dental Problems

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Cosmetic dental work can be an option that may dramatically improve the quality of your smile and appearance. Patients that are not familiar with the numerous options for cosmetic dental procedures can find themselves at a disadvantage when they are attempting to decide on a treatment plan that will be able to meet their dental goals.

Tooth Reconstructions

Depending on the type of damage that your tooth has experienced, its physical shape may have changed or been compromised. A common example of this can be the development of cracks and chips in the tooth. Depending on the size of these cracks, they can severely reduce the quality of your smile as well as potentially leading to more significant problems, such as decay. A cosmetic dental service will be able to use a number of different techniques and treatment options in order to reconstruct the tooth so that it will have its natural shape and size.

Stain Removal

Severe staining is another common dental problem that people are likely to encounter. When a person is experiencing serious dental staining, they may find that they are hesitant to smile as a result of the visibility of the stains that may have developed. Removing these stains can be a challenge as they may have penetrated deep into the surface of the teeth. A cosmetic dentist can utilize laser whitening and other advanced solutions in order to remove these deep stains. This can allow for the color of your smile to be rapidly improved and restored, but you may still need several treatments in order to get the full effect of the benefits.

Alignment Work

Dental alignment issues can be among the most common cosmetic complaints that people may have about their smiles. While many individuals may get braces when they are teenagers, there are others that may not have had this option when they were growing up or they may find that their alignment issues return as they get older. Braces are a popular orthodontic treatment that can be used to address alignment issues, and modern braces can be both discrete as well as comfortable for the patient. This can allow you to effectively have your dental alignment problems corrected while causing minimal discomfort or disruptions to your routine. For those that want the most discrete option available, there are clear retainer options that can be used to achieve your desired results while being removable and difficult for individuals to notice.

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14 May 2021