Dental Straightening Options Without The Use Of Metal Braces

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If you are looking for a tooth straightening method that does not involve unsightly metal braces, then there are some options available. While clear plastic aligners are best for some, they are a bit expensive for individuals on a budget. Fortunately, there are a few other choices. Ceramic Braces The large metal brackets that attach to the teeth are typically the parts of the metal braces that are the most aesthetically unappealing.

29 December 2018

Faqs Of Amalgam Fillings

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Do you need to go into the dentist for a filling? You may have a choice between an amalgam (silver) filling or a composite filling. Many people opt for silver, since it is durable and affordable. Here are some questions you may have about amalgam tooth fillings. Are They Safe? Amalgam fillings do have trace amounts of mercury, so people wonder if they are safe. Colgate.com says that these fillings are safe, since the exposure of these fillings is less than that of the environment; plus, Colgate also says many studies have been conducted that have shown that.

26 November 2018

What Type Of Sedation Is Right For You?

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Many people are afraid of the dentist no matter how important it is that they receive dental care. Thankfully, many dentists now offer sedation for dentistry services, allowing you to sleep or calm down as the professionals provide dental services. For many people, this is a game changer. This article will describe some of the sedation options available through various dental offices. Nitrous Oxide When you breathe in nitrous oxide — also known as laughing gas — you will relax.

25 October 2018

3 Vital Questions To Ask Before Picking A Dentist

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Do you need to have a dental exam or other work performed on your teeth? Is this something that your parents handled in the past, and you're not even sure how to go about deciding who to choose to do your dental work? Although not actually very complicated, picking out a dentist can seem confusing at the best of times. Different dentists are going to be the right choice for different people, so you are almost certainly wondering how to actually choose between them.

1 October 2018

Preserving The Whiteness Of Your Teeth After Dental Bleaching

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Nowadays, many people are choosing to bleach their teeth. Dental bleaching is a chemical whitening process in which the tooth enamel is exposed to a peroxide-based product that helps bleach away dental staining. The teeth often become progressively stained as you eat, drink, or smoke. Minute particles of the pigments in food, beverages, and tobacco products become lodged in the pores of the tooth enamel and build up over time. 

9 September 2018

Why You Never Want To Skip Going To The Dentist

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Too many people find that because they are uncomfortable with dentistry work being performed on them, that they would rather skip their yearly exams and cleanings. Even if that is not the case for you and you have just found yourself to be very busy, you do not want to skip out on your regular visits to the dentist. Here's why: You Could Develop Very Large Cavities They might start off as small cavities but if you do not get something done about them as soon as possible, they can quickly develop into much larger problems.

13 August 2018

About Gum Disease

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Gum disease is a primary cause of tooth loss among adults. Thus, the health of the gingival tissues can have a significant impact on the state of your mouth. Here is a bit of information about gum disease to help you learn more about it. Gum Disease Develops Because of Oral Bacteria There are many different types of microbes in the oral cavity. However, relatively few varieties of oral bacteria are actually harmful.

19 July 2018

3 Levels Of Sedation For Dental Surgery

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If you have to have oral surgery and are really nervous about it, your dentist may suggest that you are sedated during the surgery. There are several levels of sedation that you and your oral surgeon can discuss and agree on.  Anti-Anxiety Medications One thing that your dentist may suggest is that you get some anti-anxiety medication in order to help you through your surgery. The anti-anxiety medications will help take the edge off your anxiety or nervousness without knocking you out.

18 June 2018

What To Know About Porcelain Dental Crowns

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If you don't have the smile you want, there are many ways you can achieve a white, bright smile. Porcelain dental crowns are one cosmetic dentistry procedure that can drastically alter the appearance of your smile. If you are interested in dental crowns, check out these four facts. They Come in Different Choices Porcelain dental crowns come in all-porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are the more durable option; however, you can see some discoloration (from the metal) alone the gum line, worsening as gums recede.

20 May 2018

3 Types Of Dental Services To Restore Your Teeth

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Going to the dentist twice a year is a key to catching problems with your teeth. This will allow your dentist to find cavities or teeth that may be worn down due to age. The good news is you can get these fixed and move on with your life. Being aware of the various types of dental services that are commonly used can be helpful to you. Type #1: Dental fillings

17 April 2018