How Does An Onlay Differ From A Crown?

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When you damage a tooth, extraction isn't the only option. Cosmetic dentistry offers two ways of restoring a badly damaged tooth: onlays and crowns. While these two types of restoration are similar in how they restore a tooth, there are several notable differences between the two cosmetic treatments. Onlays Only Cover Part of a Tooth A dental crown covers the entirety of a damaged tooth. Essentially, the crown takes over the role of the tooth, while the tooth itself merely provides support from underneath the crown.

5 November 2020

What Kind Of Treatment Is Best For A Fractured Tooth?

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If you fracture your arm, you would head straight to the ER, wouldn't you? If you fracture your tooth, you need immediate emergency dental care for the best chance of saving the tooth. There are a number of different treatment methods, but it depends on how seriously your tooth is fractured. Mild Fractures A chipped tooth isn't all that severe, but it still needs prompt treatment. Your dentist will assess the amount of tooth that has been lost, but in most cases, it can be quickly fixed using dental bonding.

13 October 2020