Pediatric Cavities: 3 Common Myths And Facts

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Cavities are a common dental occurrence among children, yet many myths about them abound. Listed below are three common pediatric cavity myths and the truths behind them. Myth: Early Decay Requires a Filling   Fact: Decay that is detected early can usually be reversed with proper dental care. With increases in dental technology, tooth decay can now be detected before it has even become a cavity. While early detection is great in terms of prevention, it can sometimes lead to unnecessary fillings.

22 June 2015

2 Considerations For A Young Person Deciding Between Dentures And Dental Implants

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Youth does not always equal perfect dental health. A combination of genetics, lifestyle choices, and trauma can lead to significant dental problems even while you are in early adulthood. If you've already lost a few teeth and face losing a few more, you might start to consider your long-term dental replacement options. The two options most often debated are dental implants and dentures. But there are special considerations for young patients that can inform which of these options will prove the best choice over time.

4 June 2015

Life With Porcelain Veneers: Caring For Your Teeth In Between Professional Cleanings

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Even after having porcelain veneers placed over your natural teeth, you will need to continue visiting your dentist once every six months in order to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Just as with your natural teeth, the hygiene routine that you employ on a daily basis in between appointments can play a huge role in the health of you teeth and the need for additional dental services. Below you will learn more about how you can ensure both your veneers and your underlying teeth remain healthy and beautiful in between your dental appointments.

14 May 2015

3 Keys For Positive Child Dental Health

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When it comes to children's dentistry, some 86 percent of minors will have cavities before they turn 17. With this in mind, you will need to put your children on the right track toward great dental health. As the parent, you'll need to make sure that you adhere to the proper advice that will allow your child to reap the benefits of positive dental health. With this in mind, take advantage of some of these tips, so that you are able to maximize your child's dental care and give them the help and health at its best.

21 April 2015

3 Reasons To Consider An Electric Toothbrush

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When you stop in the dental care aisle at your local department store, you've likely noticed that in addition to your regular brand of toothbrush, there are likely a number of alternative options, including some toothbrushes that are electrical. If you've never used an electrical toothbrush before you may be unsure about what the benefits are. Your first step should be to contact your dentist and get his or her professional advice on what would work best for you personally.

3 April 2015

Habits That Cause Dry Mouth

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Dry mouth can be frustrating to have. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also increase your risk of developing dental problems such as gingivitis. If you want to prevent dry mouth, you will need to learn about habits that may cause it. Below are some of the most common habits, as well as some tips on how to stop engaging in them. Drinking Alcohol Though you may enjoy drinking a glass of wine at the end of a stressful day, doing so may not do your mouth any favors.

18 March 2015

2 Reasons You Need To Tell Your Dentist You're Pregnant

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You've recently found out you're pregnant and begun quietly informing family members and making medical arrangements for prenatal care. But did you think to include your family dentist in that prenatal care plan? It's important to inform your dentist and set up a regular examination schedule for your pregnancy. That's because you're now at risk for a couple of oral health conditions that can lead to serious medical complications: Pregnancy Gingivitis

27 February 2015

When You May Need More Fluoride

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Everyone has fluoride in their drinking water and toothpaste, but there are still some who are not getting enough of this mineral. These people may need more dental fluoride treatments than the normal two per year that they get at their dental exams. Continue reading to find out if you are one of the many people who may need additional fluoride. Signs That You May Need More Fluoride: 1. You have an extremely dry mouth.

18 February 2015

Women's Fluctuating Hormones And Their Impact On Oral Health

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All women experience fluctuating hormone levels at various stages throughout their life. While men experience fluctuating hormone levels as well, the fluctuations that women experience are much more impactful on their overall health. When women undergo these hormonal changes, both their bodies and their mouths experience hefty changes. During these hormonally-charged periods in a woman's life, it is incredibly important that she pays particular attention to her oral health care regime.

3 February 2015

Hypoplasia: The Causes For White Spots On Children's Teeth And What To Do About It

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It is quite natural for teeth to have color variations, including white, yellow and, sometimes, brown spots. And since teeth vary greatly from person to person, no two people have the exact same color patterns and color variations. However, some spots, especially white spots, are not part of natural tooth development and are actually caused by an external force. White spots that are not caused by natural variations in color are referred to as hypoplasia or hypocalcification.

26 January 2015