4 Reasons You Should Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Many people often question whether or not it's necessary to have their wisdom teeth removed. In fact, most people believe that the only reason their dentist suggests it is because of the worry that they will become easily decayed, which people then write off to good dental habits that won't allow this to happen. However, this actually isn't the only concern dentists have. Here are four more specific reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed:

Wisdom Teeth Don't Usually Grow Properly: The most common reason dentists suggest the removal is actually not because of the chance of decay, but because, more often than not, wisdom teeth simply do not grow in properly. Most of the time, they emerge crooked, which affects the rest of the smile or they emerge from underneath the teeth next to them, which pushes these upwards. This is especially concerning if you have already gone through the process of braces. 

Wisdom Teeth are Difficult to Reach: The reason wisdom teeth are so difficult to take care of is not just because they are way at the back of your mouth, but also because they usually grow in crooked, which means that flossing and reaching all parts of the tooth to clean it is almost impossible. This is not at the fault of the person because of poor dental hygiene, but simply because it's just not able to be done, especially on your own every day. 

Wisdom Teeth Grow in Painfully: Typically, the wisdom teeth are removed before they even begin to fully emerge. The reason for this is that they usually cause an excessive amount of pain because they are disrupting the other teeth in the mouth in most cases, as well. Chances are, your dentist will want to remove them in order to prevent this kind of pain. 

​Wisdom Teeth Often Develop Cysts: Finally, wisdom teeth, since they can often times be blocked by the teeth around them, begin to develop cysts. This happens when the tooth is not able to push through, but there is a gap that allows for easier bacteria harboring. These cysts can be painful and can affect the surrounding teeth, so it's better to avoid altogether by having to wisdom teeth removed. 

If your dentist has suggested wisdom teeth removal, it's best to take the advice or at least ask why your dentist is concerned for yours in particular. Chances are, x-rays will be done to show the possible dangers the wisdom teeth present by the way that they are growing in. Learn more about what to do with your wisdom teeth by contacting services such as Red Oak Dentist.


20 February 2018