A Few Issues That May Be Causing Suddent Dental Cavities To Form

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If you are an adult who has suddenly started getting cavities after years of healthy teeth, then you should definitely seek out treatment from a dentist. This way the cavities can be removed and the openings in the teeth can be filled in. If you are wondering why the cavities have cropped up all of a sudden, then keep reading to learn about a few possible reasons why. 


You probably know that when you are stressed, your body can go through a wide variety of changes. These changes include an increase in activity involving the immune system and bodily inflammation. A great deal of this inflammation can cause dry mouth by closing off the small openings in the salivary glands that release fluid into the mouth. When the mouth is dry, there are not enough fluids to rinse away the sugars and carbohydrates that cause cavities to develop.

Stress can also cause food cravings. Cravings for sugary and fatty foods are common and these foods are typically eaten to calm emotional stress issues. Increased sugar in the diet can lead to cavities as well. 

If you are feeling stressed, then pay close attention to the way that your body is affected. Try to eat whole fruits and vegetables instead of sugary snacks and also drink plenty of water to combat dry mouth concerns. 

New Medicine Routine

Many people take medications before bed and it is always wise to take the medicines before you brush your teeth in the evening. While it may not seem as though medication use would cause cavities, many over the counter medicines contain sugar. Chewable tablets like ones with melatonin do and so do cold medications. Some pain relievers are covered with a coating of sugar as well. Make sure to look at packages to see if a sweetener is on the list of ingredients. If it is, then make sure to take the medicine before brushing.

Even if a medication does not contain sugar, it can still cause cavities. A lot of medications cause dry mouth issues, and thus, can lead to cavity formations. A few of these drugs include antidepressants, diuretics, antihistamines, seizure medicines, and heart drugs. Speak with your dentist about the medication you take to see if dry mouth may be an issue.

Some medicines can be changed and dosages can be reduced as well. However, this is not always possible. If you cannot change your medicine, then you can ask your dentist about artificial saliva products to help.


11 August 2017