Use The Tooth Fairy As An Opportunity To Teach About Good Dental Care

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The tooth fairy is a fun tradition, bringing joy to the otherwise annoying and slightly painful experience of losing baby teeth. Usually, the tooth fairy leaves a dollar or a small prize behind for a child after they lose a tooth. But what if the tooth fairy could do even more for your child? Consider using the tooth fairy as an opportunity to teach your child a bit more about good oral hygiene and dental care. Here are some ideas.

Have the tooth fairy leave toothbrushes.

Experts recommend using a new toothbrush every three to four months. Many kids may wear their brushes out even faster than this if they're super aggressive with their brushing or apply uneven pressure to the brush. Have the tooth fairy leave a toothbrush under your kid's pillow each time they lose a tooth. Choose your child's favorite color or cartoon character for extra points! If your child loses a few teeth in close succession and doesn't need a new toothbrush, you could always leave some floss or a package of dental flossers instead. A tube of toothpaste in a fun flavor like bubble gum or cherry works, too.

Leave a note with tooth care tips.

You can use this idea alone or in conjunction with the tooth brush. Have the tooth fairy leave a little note under your child's pillow with some simple tooth care tips. Good ones to include are:

  • Make sure you're brushing for 2 minutes every time! Set a timer to help.
  • Are you getting your back teeth when you brush? They're really important for chewing crunchy foods like pretzels and apples.
  • Did you know that using mouthwash helps protect you from cavities? It might taste a little strong, but it's good for your teeth.

Make sure you type these notes out so your child does not recognize that they're in your handwriting.

Have the tooth fairy "suggest" videos for your child to watch.

There are many good videos on YouTube that teach kids about proper dental care and good oral hygiene. Sometimes, kids take advice more seriously when it's coming from someone other than their parents, so having them watch these videos is a good way to effectively encourage good habits. Your child will take them even more seriously if the tooth fairy recommends them. Leave a note under the pillow that says, "Watch video xyz by YouTuber xyz. I think you'd learn a lot from it! Love, the Tooth Fairy."

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27 October 2016