How To Make Yourself More Attractive

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Have you been feeling that you have let yourself go a bit? Perhaps you are a busy mom who has to make an effort to carve time out for anything that focuses on you. You have also probably realized that, when you have taken time to make yourself look attractive, you feel better about life and you are a better caregiver. For sure, don't feel guilty if you have decided to make some changes to make yourself more attractive. From a new hairdo to cosmetic dentistry, here are some ideas that might help you.

Make An Appointment At The Salon - Just do it! Get your calendar out, pick up the phone, and make an appointment at a good beauty salon with the intention of getting a new look. Before you go, look through hair magazines and find one that you love. One idea is to look at celebrities that you feel you look like. You don't have to look like sisters, but maybe like cousins. Perhaps that celebrity has a hair style that you would like to mimic. Whether it's a celebrity or a model, just take pictures to the salon to see if the beautician thinks the style would be good for you. Remember you're a busy mom, so choose a style that will be easy for you to maintain. Does the salon have an aesthetician? If so, pay for a makeover. Explain to the worker that you want to have something that you can do by yourself in a short period of time. Consider getting permanent eyeliner and eyebrows. That's a bit of an expense, but remember you're worth it!

Make An Appointment With A Cosmetic Dentist - Do you feel like it's time to do something major with your teeth? If you never had them straightened as a youth, don't hesitate to do that now. With invisible braces, nobody will even notice you're wearing them. Perhaps you've had a chipped tooth that you haven't taken care of. Do you realize how easy that tooth is to repair? A dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry will have the job done in just one office visit. Maybe your teeth are basically in great shape but they just need whitening, even after you've tried over-the-counter products. A cosmetic dentist will take an imprint of your teeth and make a special plate that fits them exactly. Then you'll use the plate with a special agent at home until they are sparkling white. The good thing is that, once you pay for this service, most dentists will give you the whitening agent each time you go in for your dental check-up. Visit for more information. 

Take before-and-after pictures and put them where you can see them often. They will remind you that, though it takes time, the effort you take to make yourself more attractive is definitely worth the time and the money.   


11 April 2016