2 Discreet Tooth Alignment Options

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Having braces can help ensure and that you are confident each time you smile. Although some people may associate the use of braces with children, nowadays adults use braces as well.

Adult braces do not have to be large metal brackets spread across the front of the teeth. Often, an adult orthodontic patient prefers a more discreet alignment option. Here are a few alignment treatments that are not conspicuous:

Clear Braces

Clear braces have brackets that are made from ceramic. The ceramic is tooth-colored, so it is difficult to discern against the patient's teeth. They appear clear.

Clear braces straighten the teeth in the same manner as metal braces. In fact, some people only choose to have clear braces applied to the teeth that are readily visible when they smile or speak. The remaining teeth are straightened with metal brackets. However, since the metal is not displayed easily on the back teeth, the patient's dental alignment is still discreet.

Traditional metal braces cost between $3,000 and $7,000, and a full set of clear braces is usually priced between $4,000 and $8,000. Thus, people can save a bit money by using clear braces on visible teeth and metal braces on the rest of their teeth.

Not only are clear braces available with traditional ceramic brackets, but clear braces can also be purchased with self-litigating brackets. A self-litigating bracket has a small hole or tunnel in the bracket so that the arch wire of the braces does not have to be attached to the bracket using elastic bands. Instead, the wire is fed directly through the hole in the bracket. This eliminates some of the friction that is created by the rubbing of the elastic bands against the brackets.

This friction necessitates additional pressure for alignment, since the force of the alignment has to overcome the force of the friction before it can start to move the teeth. As a result, self-litigating brackets move the teeth faster and more comfortably.


Invisalign is also a discreet orthodontic option. The system does not use brackets at all. Instead, Invisalign uses plastic aligners that fit over the teeth like a mouth guard. The aligning trays are removable, so many people find this orthodontic option convenient. Patients can brush their teeth and eat without having to make adjustments for their orthodontic appliance.

To learn more about the options that are available to straighten your teeth, schedule a consultation with a company like Cazes Family Dentistry LLC.


11 April 2016