Why You Must Get Your Cavities Treated Fast

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Has your love for candy and your lack of brushing your teeth led to you getting numerous cavities? If you never make dental appointments because you are afraid of pain, it is wise for you to go ahead and get your cavities treated before you end up with worse problems. Take a look at the information below to find out what might happen if your cavities are not treated soon enough.

Damaged Nerves & Blood Vessels

When you allow the enamel of your teeth to keep deteriorating, eventually it affects an area of your teeth that is called the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is actually the most important area in each of your teeth because it contains blood vessels and nerves. When plaque gets inside of cavities when the pulp chamber is exposed, it leads to bacteria infecting the blood vessels and nerves. Once the nerves and blood vessels are infected, you can develop one or more abscesses. You don't want your cavities to get to the point of an abscess developing because abscesses contain pus that is poisonous to your body.

A Loss of Sensitivity in Your Teeth

Once cavities decay deep enough to expose the pulp chamber, you can experience a higher amount of sensitivity in your teeth. Although the sensitivity can be hard to cope with, it is a good thing because it is how your body naturally alerts you that something is wrong. Waiting too long to get the cavities filled will eventually lead to the sensitivity going away due to dead nerves, which might make you feel like nothing is wrong. The worst thing about no sensitivity is that other aspects of your oral health can be affected without you noticing, such as the development of periodontitis (severe gum disease).

Weak Jawbones from Periodontitis

Failing to get your cavities treated might lead to you getting weak jawbones. The problem occurs when your oral health goes downhill and you get periodontitis. Weak jawbones are actually one of the worst things that can happen to your oral health because jawbones need to be strong enough to hold your teeth in place. Once your jawbone is no longer strong, your teeth will start getting loose and might fall out or have to be extracted before they do.

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17 March 2016