Considering A Gum Lift? Know These 4 Things

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When you have imperfections with your smile that make you feel self-conscious, the solution could be a gum lift.  The procedure involves reshaping your gums in a way that improve the overall look of your teeth, in addition to being helpful with other procedures like adding veneers.  If you are considering this cosmetic dental procedure, know these 4 things about it.

Why Gum Lifts Are Done

Gum lifts are a great way to improve your smile.  The procedure works by removing a top portion of the gums along the bottom of the teeth.  When your teeth appear to be short, or you have a smile that exposes too much of your gums, it will correct the problem.  Gum lifts do not need to be performed across all of your teeth in most situations, since the procedure can be performed on a single tooth if necessary. 

How Gum Lifts Are Performed

Having a gum lift done is relatively easy and quick for a cosmetic dental procedure.  Your dentist will use a laser when reshaping the gum line, which closes blood vessels as it cuts to stop bleeding. This is quite different from the original way the procedure was done, which involved using a scalpel to cut away the gums and then close up the area with stitches.  Laser cutting technology allows a dentist to be precise as well, making all the necessary contours to reshape your smile perfectly.

What The Recovery Process Is Like

You should expect soreness for several days following the procedure.  Thankfully, the pain is mild and can be treated with non-prescription pain relievers.  Stick to eating soft foods, since they won't cause irritation to the gums or become lodged in the surgical area and potentially cause a gum infection.  Monitor your gums closely, and tell your dentist if they become swollen or red.

The Results To Expect

You'll immediately notice that your gum tissue has been reduced, showing more teeth when smiling.  Gum lifts also contour the front teeth, making a smile attractive.  When you have teeth that still appear short, you may need dental veneers installed to extend the visual length of the teeth.

Of course, the biggest result will be your improved self-esteem. No longer will you need to avoid smiling in front of others, or have self-conscious thoughts about what others may think.  The procedure is also permanent, so it should last you the rest of your life. 

For more info about gum lifts, speak to your dentist.


17 March 2016