Zapping Gum Disease From All Directions: A Three-Step Approach To Stopping Periodontitis

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Gum disease, or periodontitis, is uncomfortable enough without worrying about a surgical procedure to treat it. Before your periodontitis goes too far, there is a three-step approach to turning it around and rescuing your gums. Aside from brushing and flossing at least twice a day, this three-step approach will give you healthier gums and help them stay healthy too.

Proper Nutrition

Long before the phrase "gum disease" or the term "periodontitis" were crafted, "scurvy" was the word that meant bleeding gums and loss of teeth. Regardless of which word or phrase you use to describe your condition, a big portion of your situation has to do with nutrition. Your gingiva, or gum tissues, rely heavily on vitamin C for their overall health. When you do not get enough of this essential vitamin, periodontal disease worsens. Eat a lot of citrus fruits, consume a lot of pure orange juice and/or take a lot of vitamin C tablets to help counteract gum disease from within.

Gargling/ Rinsing with a Disinfectant

Since you already experience some of the effects of gum disease, you should gargle or rinse with a disinfecting mouthwash after brushing your teeth. It is especially helpful right before bed, when a lot of bacteria can build up and settle in the pockets surrounding your teeth. There, the bacteria collects and festers, further aggravating your gums and making your periodontitis worse. If you really want a full-on attack using mouthwash, ask your dentist for a prescription for medicated mouthwash.

Laser Gum Treatment

Finally, attack the gum disease where it lies--in the pockets it has created around the roots of your teeth. To really get down in there without cutting, bleeding or anesthesia, your dentist uses a fine laser to zap bacteria and help adhere healthier tissue to your teeth. When you continue to use a disinfecting mouthwash, get proper nutrition and brush and floss, you can halt gum disease in its tracks and even reverse it completely after laser treatment.

In Summary

With your dentist's help, you are attacking your gum disease head on in three ways. From the inside out, vitamin C builds up gum tissue and keeps it strong. Medicated mouthwash destroys the bacteria that cause gum disease, and laser treatments reseal teeth around their root systems. Altogether, it is exactly the proverbial punch in the mouth you need to start caring for your teeth and gums, and sticking with it makes it work. Talk to your dental professional, such as someone from Neu Family Dental Center, for more information.


16 January 2015