Helpful Tips Pediatric Dentists Recommend To Parents For Their Children's Oral Health

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If you have children, it's so important to get them to practice good oral hygiene. When they do, they can avoid a lot of potential dental issues in the future. For good oral care, consider the following advice recommended by pediatric dentists.  Show Them the Way  Kids are very impressionable early on. They often mimic what they see you do on a daily basis. You should thus take the opportunity to show them how to take proper care of their teeth.

24 May 2019

Having A Tooth Extracted? Know What To Expect

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Do you need to have your dentist remove one of your teeth? If so, you may be wondering what this process will be like from start to finish. Here is what you can expect when having a tooth extracted. Before The Procedure The good thing about a tooth extraction is that it shouldn't require much prep before the procedure. The only thing you need to be concerned about is if you have anxiety about going to the appointment, which can cause you to not show up or be very stressed.

25 April 2019

Getting Dental Implants And Other Procedures

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When you're in need of some dental work, you can only expect the best when you touch base with dental professionals that know their stuff. This is particularly crucial when you're trying to get some extensive work done on your smile, which can become a pretty big investment. It's an investment that is well worth it once you get rid of cavities, keeping your gums healthy and helping you appreciate the way you look day in and day out.

22 March 2019

Six Mistakes That Make It More Difficult to Get Kids to Cooperate with Dentist Appointments

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Regularly visiting the dentist is essential for establishing good dental health and oral hygiene practices in your child. However, some parents struggle with children who are frightened of dentist appointments or don't want to go for some other reason.  Parents sometimes make mistakes that dissuade their children from complying with their dentist's recommended appointment schedule. The following are six mistakes you can avoid as a parent to ensure that your children don't protest about dentist appointments:

26 February 2019

3 Signs Your Child May Require Orthodontic Care

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As a parent, you want the best for your child. Therefore, you most likely make sure they brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. During one of these checkups, your child's dentist may recommend a consultation with an orthodontist. Even if you feel your child is too young for braces, many children can benefit from orthodontic care. As a matter of fact, most experts believe an orthodontic consultation is imperative for children no later than 7 years of age.

27 January 2019

Dental Straightening Options Without The Use Of Metal Braces

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If you are looking for a tooth straightening method that does not involve unsightly metal braces, then there are some options available. While clear plastic aligners are best for some, they are a bit expensive for individuals on a budget. Fortunately, there are a few other choices. Ceramic Braces The large metal brackets that attach to the teeth are typically the parts of the metal braces that are the most aesthetically unappealing.

29 December 2018

Faqs Of Amalgam Fillings

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Do you need to go into the dentist for a filling? You may have a choice between an amalgam (silver) filling or a composite filling. Many people opt for silver, since it is durable and affordable. Here are some questions you may have about amalgam tooth fillings. Are They Safe? Amalgam fillings do have trace amounts of mercury, so people wonder if they are safe. says that these fillings are safe, since the exposure of these fillings is less than that of the environment; plus, Colgate also says many studies have been conducted that have shown that.

26 November 2018