Why Does Your Child Need Dental Checkups?

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Your young child needs their teeth cleaned and checked, even if they don't have any teeth erupted just yet. Your child is going to need their teeth and gums cleaned and inspected, and their not-yet erupted teeth also need to be checked as well. This is something that is very important in your child's growth and development, just as with any other part of your child's developmental milestones. Caring for your child's oral health is important, and it begins when your child is young.

9 September 2022

Importance Of Regular Dental Exams

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People typically only go to the dentist when they are having dental issues. However, you should be aware that routine visits are vital and could help you lessen the time and cost of emergency visits. Regular dental exams enable your dentist to detect and treat any emerging issues before they worsen and become an emergency. As such, oral exams should be planned a few times a year to achieve the following benefits.

1 August 2022

4 Signs You Need To See A Cosmetic Dentist

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A general dentist takes care of numerous dental conditions, manages overall dental health needs, performs diagnosis, provides treatment, and advises on dental hygiene and maintenance. The dental conditions that these professionals address include root canals, crowns, gum care, fillings, and veneers. On the other hand, a cosmetic dentist's focus when working on your teeth, bite, and gum is to improve your smile and help enhance your confidence. Here are some reasons to book an appointment with your cosmetic dental practitioner.

27 June 2022

4 Possible Reasons Why You Might Be Suffering from Toothaches

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Nothing makes a day unbearable more than waking up to a toothache, especially when you do not know its cause. Toothaches are common, and most people manage the pain with painkillers until it becomes completely unbearable. However, it is advisable to visit your general dentist whenever you feel that your toothache is more than you can handle. They will diagnose and help you treat the cause. Here are four possible causes of toothache:

17 May 2022

Too Much Pink And Not Enough Pearl? Cosmetic Injections And Your Gummy Smile

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How can cosmetic injections help to change a gummy smile? Also known as excessive gingival display (or EGD), a gummy smile can interfere with your bright, white smile. If your gums overpower your teeth and leave you with a pink, and not pearly, smile, take a look at what you need to know about this common dental condition and how to treat EGD with injectables. What Is A Gummy Smile?

28 March 2022

Bruxism In Children: Frequently Asked Questions

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As a parent, you understand the importance of maintaining your child's oral health. This is why you make sure your child brushes twice a day, flosses, and stays away from sugary snacks. However, if your child is grinding their teeth, despite your best efforts, your child can suffer from serious tooth damage. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have about teeth grinding, or bruxism, in children.

28 February 2022

Should Your Family Get Dental Sealants?

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For most people, a family trip to the dentist is usually limited to a cleaning/examination and fixing any problems that have already happened. But if there were something you could do to keep those problems from happening in the first place, would you sign up for it? If you haven't heard of dental sealants before, they may be something your family could need. Here's what you should know about them and how they can help keep things like cavities at bay.

21 January 2022

Tips On How To Get Your Child Ready For Their First Dental Visit

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You should schedule your child's first dentist visit as soon as your child grows teeth or before they turn a year old. Children's dentistry is important to ensure your child's oral development is on the right track and to keep their smile healthy.  Unfortunately, the benefits of visiting a pediatric dentist don't make the first dental visit easier. Scheduling your child's first dental visit can come with nervousness and a lot of anxiety for your child.

3 December 2021

Can A Dental Implant Affect The Rest Of Your Teeth?

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As your dentist has probably already mentioned, dental implants are your best option when a missing permanent tooth needs to be replaced. The implant (a titanium alloy rod) functions in the same way as a tooth's natural root, with the prosthetic dental crown attached to it then replacing the missing tooth. You might begin to wonder—will an artificial tooth root implanted into your jaw somehow affect the roots of the neighboring teeth?

26 October 2021

FAQs About Dental Implants

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Have you been researching dental implants because a few unanswered questions are holding you back? This guide will answer two frequently asked questions about dental implants that are common causes for concern so you can approach the procedure with confidence. 1. Am I Eligible for Dental Implants? A handful of factors can have an effect on the success of dental implants. There must be enough bone tissue beneath the missing tooth to support the implant screw.

13 September 2021