Why Does Your Child Need Dental Checkups?

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Your young child needs their teeth cleaned and checked, even if they don't have any teeth erupted just yet. Your child is going to need their teeth and gums cleaned and inspected, and their not-yet erupted teeth also need to be checked as well. This is something that is very important in your child's growth and development, just as with any other part of your child's developmental milestones. Caring for your child's oral health is important, and it begins when your child is young. Read on for reasons why this should be done and why it's important.

To Catch Developmental Concerns

Your child's dentist may be able to detect developmental concerns with their teeth and the growth of their teeth. If your child has issues with their teeth being too overly crowded or their teeth are having issues with their teeth not being able to come down as they should because of growth concerns, your child's dentist may be able to detect these issues early enough and can do what needs to be done in order to treat the issues.

To Help With Teething Concerns

If you are experiencing problems with your child's teething, a dentist may be able to help you ease your child's pain with some pain relievers or offer tips on how to treat this painful part of growing for your child. The pain from teething can sometimes be unbearable for young children and going to the dentist may be able to help you work through this with your young child.

To Prevent Concerning Oral Health Issues

Your dentist may be able to help prevent oral health issues that may pop up because of poor oral health in your child's younger years. Your child's dentist can offer tips on how to care for your child's teeth that have not yet erupted from the gums to prevent concerns such as bottle rot or tooth decay long before they actually erupt from the gums. Your child's dentist can also help prevent other oral concerns once the teeth do erupt, such as concerns from thumb sucking or other issues that may occur when your child is young.

If you haven't yet taken your young child to the dentist, you should consider it. Your child's oral health depends on how you care for your child's teeth when they are too young to do so themselves. You should talk to the dentist about what other things you should know about dental cleaning and oral health for your child.

Reach out to a dentist to learn more about pediatric dental checkups.


9 September 2022