4 Advantages Of Same-Day Crowns

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When your dentist tells you that your tooth needs a crown, you may think the process is a multi-day procedure. The process used to involve impressions taken, and an off-site facility building the crown. Once the finished product comes back from the lab, you return for the fitting. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Changes in technology now give your dental provider the ability to use computer technology and produce same-day crowns. There are many advantages to you for your dental office to be able to do so. Here are a few of those advantages.

1. Time Savings

Most dental providers are open from 8 to 5. Depending on your work schedule, it is often hard to get time off during the workday, let alone a couple of days that traditional crowns would require.

Same-day crowns save you time since you do not have to schedule an additional appointment and return to have your permanent crown affixed. The entire procedure is completed during the initial visit.

2. No More Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns used to be placed on the prepped tooth until your permanent crown arrived back from the lab. Although your dentist attempts to make your temporary crown fit your tooth the best they can, temporary crowns can often be uncomfortable. 

The temporary adhesive used does not always allow the temporary crown to sit as low, or fasten as tightly to the tooth as the permanent crown will. An ill-fitted temporary crown can make chewing or biting down on that side difficult. 

Temporary crowns also have to be removed before the permanent crown. If the adhesive holds tightly, moving the crown can be an uncomfortable step in the old procedure. 

 3. No More Impression Putty

Have you ever had to bite down into a tray of impression putty for your dentist to get an impression of your tooth? Not only is impression putty cold and nasty, but the putty also induces a gag reflex in many patients.

With same-day crowns, impression putty is no longer needed. Your dentist will collect impressions of your teeth using dental pictures. These pictures then go directly into the computer program used to build your crown. 

4. No More Adjustments Needed

Because of the digital impressions and computer-aided design of same-day crowns, these crowns are much more precise than the older crowns. Precision design means the best possible initial fit of your new crown. Your crown will require no more adjustments and will fit like a natural tooth. 

For more information on same-day crowns, contact a local dentist. 


11 October 2022