Tips On How To Get Your Child Ready For Their First Dental Visit

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You should schedule your child's first dentist visit as soon as your child grows teeth or before they turn a year old. Children's dentistry is important to ensure your child's oral development is on the right track and to keep their smile healthy. 

Unfortunately, the benefits of visiting a pediatric dentist don't make the first dental visit easier. Scheduling your child's first dental visit can come with nervousness and a lot of anxiety for your child. However, you can smoothen the visit by preparing your child for the visit by using the tips below.

Play Dentist Games and Use Positive Reinforcement

There are dentist games available on the internet that you can play with your kid in advance to mimic their dentist visit. These games will clarify the experience and help them get ready to see their dentist. Alternatively, you can act as a dentist and count your young one's teeth or pretend to brush them. Then, you can swap roles and let them pretend to be a dentist.

If your child seems afraid or anxious about the visit, reassure them that it's safe and important for their health. Use positive reinforcement, listen to their fears, and encourage them to be brave and face their fears. 

Talk About the Visit 

The fear of the unknown can take a toll on anyone, and this goes for kids, too. Once you set a day for the appointment, talk to your young one about the dentist visit a few hours before leaving the house. 

Since your kid doesn't know what to expect and has never visited the dentist before, it's easy for their imagination to run wild. Therefore, avoid talking about the visit long before the scheduled date as it could cause some additional anxiety.

On the other hand, don't surprise them with the visit either. Instead, talk to them about the dentist visit. You can tell them what to expect, for instance, the dentist counting their teeth and brushing them. However, don't get into deep details, especially about pain or needles.

Arrange for a Tour Before the Appointment

You can also prepare your child by arranging for a tour around the dentist's office. This is a great way to familiarize them with the environment before the appointment. They will get accustomed to the office, sights, and sounds, making their appointment visit more relaxed.

When scheduling your appointment, consider the mood of your child. At what hours is your kid happy and vibrant? Schedule an appointment around hours when your kid is usually happy and lively for a better experience.

For more tips, contact a local dental office.


3 December 2021