3 Indicators That You Need Dental Implants

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Getting dental implants is the permanent alternative solution you can consider for removable dentures. These dental implants are medically fixed into your jawbones to serve as the roots of the missing teeth. They have titanium which helps them to fuse with your jawbone for a permanent fix. The dental implant procedure is also less cost-effective but might take a longer time to complete. 

Not everyone knows what indicators should guide them into settling for dental implants. Here are some of the top indicators you should consider.

1. When Your Teeth Are Cracked and The Roots Shaken

Cracked teeth are a common physical injury that normally arises due to collisions during rigorous activities like sports and exercises. Cracked teeth can easily be filled back to normal shape or can be cured using a restorative technique in normal cases. These are always effective options when the crack is mild and the root is intact.

However, when the root of your tooth is affected and the tooth is no longer stable, it's time you opted for a dental implant. A dental implant will replace the cracked and shaken tooth and give you a better experience than just refilling and restoring the crack. Therefore, a cracked tooth is an indication you could be going for a dental implant procedure soon.

2. When Your Jawbone Is Gradually Receding 

A receding or deteriorating jawbone is a result of not having teeth for some time. The absence of teeth causes the jawbone to lose shape and structure gradually. This is the best moment to get dental implants if you have ever considered getting one before. Dental implants are ideal for restoring the tooth structure and bringing the jaw structure back to normal shape besides filling in for the missing teeth. 

During a dental implant procedure, the dental implant is placed on the jaw bone, preventing deterioration. Failure to go for a dental implant could lead to additional jaw problems and more tooth loss. If you have tried solving the tooth loss problem, you should ask your dentist to assess your jawbone. This way, you can solve the problem from its root cause. 

3. If Dentures Aren't Fitting Appropriately

Dentures are always the first tooth-problem solution that everyone runs to. However, when these dentures fail to fit perfectly, they cause discomfort and pain, making it challenging to chew food. The best way out of such a predicament is getting dental implants as they're a more secure option and they function exactly like your teeth. 

Implants will fit perfectly and remain fixed in place, preventing gum irritations when chewing and other associated pain and discomfort. You should discuss with your dentist to fix perfectly fitting dental implants in place of dentures after noticing how problematic your dentures are.

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1 April 2021