5 Dental Care Services To Expect From Your Dentist

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Dentists are tooth care specialists. They can offer preventative, diagnostic, and restorative services to patients. You should see your dentist at least twice a year to receive the dental care you need. These are five dental care services that you can expect from your dentist:

1. Professional Cleaning

Hopefully, you clean your teeth at home every day. However, professional dental cleanings can offer a deeper level of cleanliness than you can manage on your own. During a professional cleaning, a dental hygienist will gently scrape tartar off your teeth. They will polish your teeth using an abrasive paste and floss between your teeth. Regular cleanings can keep your teeth shiny and white. It can even prevent cavities.

2. X-Rays

Most people should have their teeth x-rayed at least once a year. X-rays allow dentists to see inside your teeth, which can show them cavities that can't be seen with the naked eye. X-rays are an important diagnostic tool, especially when it comes to identifying decay that affects the pulp of your teeth. Some people are nervous about the radiation created by dental x-rays, but there's nothing to fear. You'll be exposed to a negligible amount of radiation that will not cause any negative side effects.

3. Symptom Diagnosis

Dentists can also diagnose dental problems according to reported symptoms. If you've been feeling pain, sensitivity, or irritation in your mouth, you should mention it to your dentist. You may have a cavity or a leaking filling. Some pain is attributable to tooth infections, which may require antibiotics and root canal therapy. Dentists can even treat sleep apnea, so make sure to tell your dentist if you've been snoring and having trouble sleeping.

4. Tooth Restoration

Once dentists diagnose tooth problems, they can correct the issues through dental restoration. Dentists can remove areas of decay and replace them with dental fillings. Patients who undergo root canal therapy will need a dental crown to protect the treated tooth. Tooth restoration services can allow you to retain your natural teeth for as long as possible.

5. Cosmetic Treatments

Many dentists also offer cosmetic treatments in addition to routine dental care services. Cosmetic treatments can alter and improve the appearance of your teeth. Many people enjoy the results of teeth whitening treatments, which can remove stains and signs of yellowing from the teeth. Dentists can also remove dark amalgam fillings and replace them with white, tooth-colored composite fillings instead.

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4 January 2021