Experiencing Dental Pain? What To Do When Visiting A Dentist Isn't Possible

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Have you started to experience dental pain, but it's not possible to go to a dentist? It may be a weekend, you might be on vacation, or you simply can't make an appointment as soon as you would like. If so, it is best to know how to alleviate dental pain, while at home, with these techniques.

Cold Compress

The first thing you should try is to place a cold compress on the part of your mouth that is causing you pain. You will want to use cold temperatures to help numb the area, prevent blood from flowing to the place where the compress is located, and reduce swelling. Avoid using a hot compress, since that is going to do more harm than good. The area may become more inflamed, due to increased blood flow.

Saltwater Rinse

There are some oral health benefits of using salt water, when you are experiencing pain. The rinse actually acts as an antiseptic that will remove bacteria from the affected area. Thankfully, it is easy to make a simple saltwater rinse, on your own. All you need to do is mix some salt (1 tbsp.) into a glass of water. Stir the solution, until all of the salt dissolves into the water, and then it is ready to rinse within your mouth. You can use the saltwater rinse several times per day, as needed, to help deal with your dental pain.


One pain relief solution that you are able to purchase at your local drug store is benzocaine. It is a topical medication that is safe to put in your mouth, and will help numb the area that is causing you pain. It works great for cuts along your gums or inside your cheeks, and can help make the pain subside until you can visit a dentist. Just be sure to follow the directions for how frequently you are allowed to use the medication.

Emergency Dentist

Know that there is always the option to go to a local emergency dentist, when you are suffering from severe dental pain. These dentists are available on evenings and weekends, and, while they charge more, will be able to treat your problem and prevent it from being more painful. An emergency room will likely not be able to do anything for you, when it is related to dental pain. You'll be referred to an emergency dentist's office.


25 June 2019