Six Mistakes That Make It More Difficult to Get Kids to Cooperate with Dentist Appointments

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Regularly visiting the dentist is essential for establishing good dental health and oral hygiene practices in your child. However, some parents struggle with children who are frightened of dentist appointments or don't want to go for some other reason. 

Parents sometimes make mistakes that dissuade their children from complying with their dentist's recommended appointment schedule. The following are six mistakes you can avoid as a parent to ensure that your children don't protest about dentist appointments:

Waiting too long to start pediatric dentist appointments

The earlier you introduce your children to the dentist, the more easily they should be able to get used to attending appointments. If you wait too long to start taking your child to the dentist, there could be numerous negative consequences. Not only is it likely that your child will struggle to adjust to dentist appointments, but their dental health could also suffer if you wait too long to start scheduling appointments. 

Choosing a dentist without enough experience with kids

Don't simply assume that your own dentist can handle providing dental care for your children. It's best to go to a dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry. Dentists who are used to working with children know how to keep children comfortable and work gently to minimize discomfort during appointments. 

Accidentally talking about the dentist in a way that frightens children

Watch what you say around children. Don't joke about any discomfort or potentially unpleasant aspects of a dentist appointment. You should stress the positives of going to the dentist. While you should make sure that your child knows what to expect before their first appointment, you should also make sure they're comfortable with communicating with the dentist and letting the dentist know about any discomfort or uncertainty they're feeling. 

Not introducing your child to the dentist office before the first appointment

It's a good idea to do a practice run with your child before the first appointment. Bring your child in to meet with your pediatric dentist and visit the office. This way, your child will feel more comfortable and at ease at the first appointment. 

Failing to bring along some beloved items that comfort your child during the appointment

You can make the dentist office more familiar for your child by allowing him or her to bring along a favorite toy, book, or other valued possession. 

Being impatient and not understanding your child's feelings

It's been a long time since your first dentist appointment. You probably are pretty comfortable with the dentist at this point, but you need to be sensitive to the fact that the dentist appointment experience is entirely new for your child.

Be patient and make sure that you carefully answer all of your child's questions so that you understand their feelings regarding dentist appointments. 


26 February 2019