3 Vital Questions To Ask Before Picking A Dentist

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Do you need to have a dental exam or other work performed on your teeth? Is this something that your parents handled in the past, and you're not even sure how to go about deciding who to choose to do your dental work? Although not actually very complicated, picking out a dentist can seem confusing at the best of times. Different dentists are going to be the right choice for different people, so you are almost certainly wondering how to actually choose between them. Some things that you can ask to help make your decision include:

Do you accept this type of insurance? If you haven't had to make your own dental appointments before, you may not realize that not every dentist will accept all insurance plans. Even though a particular plan may be quite popular in your area, there may be a few dentists who have chosen not to accept it for whatever reason. You may, of course, choose to pay for everything out of pocket instead of going through insurance, but if you do want to use your insurance, then you'll want to make sure that the dentist you're visiting will actually bill them and not you for any work that you have done.

What kind of work does your office do? At some dental offices, there will be just one or two dentists who specialize in just one thing. For instance, general dentistry or pediatric dentistry. If you need braces, dentures, or even just a crown added, you may have to make an appointment with another dentist somewhere else. At other offices, there are multiple dentists who are able to handle just about any type of dental work that comes in through the door. If you know that you're going to need more than just a basic exam and cleaning, you may find it more convenient to visit one of these larger dentistry offices. On the other hand, you may prefer the familiarity provided by going to a small practice and may choose to go there for as much work as possible. It's entirely up to you.

Do you give written lists of recommendations? If you need more than just a filling or two, your dentist will probably have a long list of things that you can have done to fix your teeth up and get them looking better. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused after leaving the office, unsure of how to proceed next. But if your dentist is able to give you a written list of work that he or she is recommending, you can read over the list when you get home so that you can better prioritize what you want to have done now and what you can safely postpone until later. This is especially useful when you have a dental insurance plan with low yearly limits. Proper prioritization will help to get as much done as possible without having to pay large amounts out of pocket.

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1 October 2018