3 Types Of Dental Services To Restore Your Teeth

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Going to the dentist twice a year is a key to catching problems with your teeth. This will allow your dentist to find cavities or teeth that may be worn down due to age. The good news is you can get these fixed and move on with your life. Being aware of the various types of dental services that are commonly used can be helpful to you.

Type #1: Dental fillings

One of the simplest ways to address a small cavity is by having a dental filling. This requires the dentist to remove the decay and put in a material that will restore the tooth.

There's a variety of options available that range from porcelain to amalgam. It's likely your dental provider will recommend the best one for you that will last the longest and do the best job.

Type #2: Dental crown

There are numerous reasons your dentist may suggest you get a dental crown. One of the largest ones is due to extensive decay in the tooth that just can't be fixed with a filling.

This is a more invasive process that will consist of removing all of the decay and reshaping the tooth. There will be an impression made of the damaged tooth, and it will be sent to the dental lab to create your new restoration.

Once the crown is ready,  you'll just go back to your provider and have it put into place. Keep in mind there may be some adjustments that are necessary for the best fit.

Type #3: Dental bridge

One of the most significant issues you may face is dealing with tooth loss. The best thing for your dental health is getting a tooth replaced as quickly as possible because this will prevent the other teeth from shifting out of place.

Dental bridges are made with dental crowns, and it will depend on the number of teeth you're missing to determine how many crowns may be necessary to restore the teeth. However, this is the ideal way to replace teeth at the most affordable cost.

The good news is you can work towards better dental health by taking the time to see your dentist as necessary. The key to having the least stress and expense when doing so is by tackling problems in the earliest stages. Be sure to schedule an appointment with a provider, like Hyten David W DMD, today to work towards having the best teeth possible tomorrow!


17 April 2018